Go paperless and reduce your monthly clutter by keeping all of the paper and attachments online in your new cloud archive - and save your business valuable time. With ECdox, you get a platform that optimizes, structures and streamlines workflows in your business. Your important documents are stored in a mature data warehouse that allows you to easily share access and overview of all your invoices so that you can review and reconcile the accounting ERP with banking, manually or via integration. With ECdox you get a tool that gives you time to focus on your core business - in a professional and secure manner handling of your business-critical documents.

Free test environment for document management

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  • Workflow and portal for documents - all in one
  • Administration tool overview workflow
  • The demo test environment is free for the entire period
  • Available on all devices, Android and I/OS
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As a subscriber you will never have to allocate data storage. The first gb is free, after which data security is purchased. We take care of that.

Optimal business process

The workflow regard attachments approvals has never been so easy via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Non binding

You can reroute, end or expand your subscription at any time.

With an ECdox subscription, any technical integration not already implemented you get typical access to first for only 1.000 EUR incl. all commissioning. Write for support if you need technical integration or review of your infrastructure from our team of competent entrepreneurs.

Do you dream about a sustainable footprint, user-friendly, easy-to handle workflows for suppliers and invoices?
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You and your employees can quickly and easily report attachments to streamlined process management that ensure that all data is recorded. Then you and your account manager can log in here at www.ecdox.com to work with different types of workflows to prepare loading either manually or automatically, in your finance system.
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One step from the perfect workflow and a quick result with ECdox.

ECdox is a user-friendly collaborative platform to store your business data and complete workflows with transparency and efficiency. Your organization will become even more efficient with a data warehouse for digital communication to take advantage of your full business potential.

ECdox provides instant insight into you own company data, current as well as historical, all packaged in a practical ESDH solution. ECdox is a simple yet so comprehensive a platform that paves the way for your optimized business value chain. Online training material available. A workflow without interruptions.

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How does ECdox work

1. Reception

The supplier invoices and creditor bills are received electronically in OIO, Word, Excel, Image and PDF format. If the invoice is in PDF format, vendor information is automatically lifted with OCR software.

2. Approval

Approval of attachments is simple and fast. It can be done wherever you are - Via the portal or our app for your mobile phone.

3. Repeat

After approval, the information can be transferred to your financial system via the export function. ECdox integrates with most payroll, HR and financial systems in the market.

Feedback and support

Do you think about a new solution to a problem, suggestions for improvement or are you challenged on an existing solution or just curious to know more, then we hope you can take a moment and share your opinions with us in our forum. We look forward to hearing from you!

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How to establish ECdox

1. Implement

Establish your organization by creating users and sending welcome mail to gain secure access to their account in the system.

2. Wait

Submit attachments to ocr finishing via scanner, email, app or manual loading - it takes seconds few clicks are enough.

3. Repeat

Let ECdox be the collection point of the organization to achieve immediate results and the optimal results after the first fiscal year.

100% full satisfaction, no cure no pay

Go paperless. Reduce your monthly paper stack by finalizing all attachments online in your new archive in the cloud. With your documentation rooted in a mature data warehouse and the ability to share access to professional online assistance, you can review and match online invoices with bank formats through card or manual integration.

Advantages using ECdox:
       Optimizes workflows
       Always available - 24/7/365
       Professional and comprehensive
       Convenient and easy

Unique intuitive platform available across your employees devices, integrated into organizations IT infrastructure as user-friendly solution, which simplifies complex tasks. ECdox guarantees complete flexibility in ongoing business, by easily and flexibly integration model with core business systems and collecting all documents in a data warehouse. Then it is possible to always find relevant documentation that may be needed in the organizations cooperation. Take advantage of our promotional offer.

Køb din egen ECdox installation, det er gratis!

GDPR activation of your infrastructure

We know that time is important to you - therefore we will make it easily accessible. At ECIT Services A/S we have always taken data protection seriously and we consider all of your data to be sensitive regardless of character. Initially, we worked hard to map, maintain our processes and documents to meet the requirements of the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), which will enter into force on May 25, 2018. Our terms of analysis and processing of your data, such as supplier history, master data and Preferences are updated. We have not changed the way we use, share or store your information and we disclose nothing to third parties either Facebook or any of the other widely used marketing platforms. Google knows you are visiting this page and if you create a demo we do check the EU whitewash business registry to secure footprint.

If you have questions about how we protect your data, please feel free to contact us.


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